Good morning beautiful souls,

I can’t believe that it has already been about 3 weeks since I was reunited with my best friend (who had just returned from her 5 month trip of a lifetime traveling around the world with her husband) and we set off on our annual holiday together to the Lindisfarne Festival. Because she lives in London I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like and so we decided 3 years ago, when we went to our first Lindisfarne Festival, that we would make this our annual holiday together.


We set off in the afternoon just managing to beat rush hour traffic and arrived in time to watch the sun slowly set as we set up camp. The sunsets are always beautiful there and sadly the photos just never do them justice, but they’re such a sight to behold!

As we’re old farts when it comes to festival bedtime we decided to camp in the quiet area of the campsite this year which, bar for some kinda rude people who didn’t quite seem to understand the concept of quiet, made our stay much more enjoyable as we got a decent night’s sleep (a big thanks goes to my earplugs of course too)!!

Once our comfortable 5 man tent was set up and decked out in fairy lights we opened a jar of olives, popped open a bottle of bubbly and relaxed for a while before going to check out the festival arena.

We even surprised ourselves and ended up staying out grooving away until about 1am (I know you’ll laugh – that’s not late – but usually we’d be tucked up in our sleeping bags by that time haha).

Friday morning was lovely and sunny and we started our day with a yummy healthy breakfast of fruit & musli and a cuppa tea. Note: we both had our pretty reusable bamboo cutlery with us and eco mugs!! Although I managed quite well on some eco friendly accounts, there was sadly still plenty that I didn’t manage to do quite as eco friendly as I might have, so I will endeavour to do a better job next year!!!

After breakfast we got ready for the day, donned on our festival outfits & makeup and headed for the arena. I wore this really cute floaty skirt from Next that my mum had bought me as a treat and paired it with a crop top from New Look and these bright earrings from Accessorize.

After we’d listened to some spoken word, comedy and various musicians we headed back to our tent for lunch, a game of Yazi and some more drinks. I’d found these Pimm’s imitations in Lidl along with some G&T’s and they were perfect for the festival. The past few years we’d brought beer and wine, but Emily and I can only drink one or two cans of beer before we’re beered out haha, so these were a very welcome tasty change!

Being next to the sea, it is always so much windier and in the evenings it really cools down quite quickly, so before we went out again in the evening we got changed into something slightly warmer. We hadn’t really heard of anyone that was playing at this years Festival, but it was kind of nice just stumbling upon new people and groups, from jazzy solo vocals and rock bands to reggae, there was a great mix!

On Saturday morning we took our (now also usual) trip onto Holy Island for a little walk and break from the festival site and of course so I could say hi to my old stomping ground – Pilgrims Coffee House – and enjoy a top notch cuppa home roasted coffee!

Mind you my eye decided to water all day, like literally all day, so I gave up trying to fix the makeup on my left eye and went for the half done makeup look haha!!.

By the time we’d returned and had lunch we had sadly ended up missing acro/partner yoga as well as laughter yoga which we’d planned on doing. I’d also really wanted a massage, but all the booking slots were full by the time we returned. However we hadn’t wanted to tie ourselves down either by booking things and so we joined in with the hoola hoop workshop instead which was a great laugh but really hard work actually! I sucked at hoola hooping around my stomach, Emily faired way better than me, but I did succeeded in hoola hooping with my hands and even switching hands mid movement!

As you can see, the struggle is real – my face says it all – haha!

After a good hoola hoop workout we watched some fire performers and warmed up by the fire pit before the smoke blowing into our eyes moved us along. We ambled around until the Showhawk Duo were on (2 acoustic guitars covering dance tracks and the like). They were absolutely phenomenal and really had the crowd going!!!! Definitely one of the best acts we saw!

And well that was sadly already the last evening. The festival was well organised, there were lots of various acts, stalls and food vendors and the toilets were cleaned every day so they were never in too bad a condition.

My only wish for the future is that there are more Vegan food options available, that there is an official rule about no more noise after 12 in the quite camping, that more bins are provided and that people would actually tidy away their rubbish. The rubbish difference between the Vegan Camp Out and this was huge!

But we had an absolute blast of a time and can’t wait for next year already! It feels so nice to have an intimate local festival to return to every year!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to and I’m really sorry I haven’t posted much recently! I will endeavour to work on this!!!




Good evening lovelies,

Time for another dear diary post. This week has been quite busy, with ups and downs. I started my week by flying home from Belfast still not feeling great. I got home around 10ish and relaxed for an hour or so with my Jessica, Anthony and Tom before heading to bed.

On Tuesday I had a lovely lie in followed by a yummy breakfast with Jessica before we got started on cleaning the house, because sadly the guys didn’t clean the house before I came home and so it kinda was a mess which I wasn’t happy about. However I don’t mind cleaning and Jessica and busied ourselves for a good two to three hours listening to Christmas songs as we cleaned away and put up the Christmas tree which our landlady had kindly given us. It was quite  a nice morning really! After a late lunch Anthony and Tom came round and we played a game of scrabble which I won hehe. I absolutely love playing games, it is such a nice way to relax and spend quality time with friends. Sadly  Tuesday also marked Anthony’s last day with us as he was flying back to Lebanon on Wednesday. So he chose dinner, which was a cheeky KFC and we settled down to watch Once Upon A Time late into the night.

It was difficult to get up early on Wednesday because we had stayed up quite late the night before but I just about managed. We were supposed to have a coffee together before Anthony left for the airport, but it suddenly turned into a proper breakfast and everyone came over. Although this spontaneous breakfast was slightly stressful it was really nice to have everyone sitting down together even if only briefly before having to say goodbye. So Wednesday was a sad day as Jessica and I lost our Once Upon A Time partner in crime. The rest of the day we just spent relaxing really and doing a bit more tidying. We watched La La Land in the afternoon and I wrapped some Christmas presents already whilst sipping at mulled wine and nibbling ginger snaps. It was a lovely evening although I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan of La La Land.

It was a peaceful journey up in first class enjoying the refreshments and watching the everchanging lanscape whizz past. I arrived with plenty of time to have a cup of Rooibush in a cute cafe near Haymarket before going to find the German consulate to get myself a German passport which was the primary reason for my mini getaway to Edinburgh. Once that was all sorted I got on the bus that google maps told me would take me to my sisters, however here was me failing at my finest because I didn’t think to check in which direction I would have to get the bus and so of course I soon realised I was half way out of town going in the wrong direction. The bus driver made my day though when I told him what I’d done and he gave me a free day ticket before letting me off to catch a new bus in the correct direction. So a good hour later I finally found my sister. We spent the whole afternoon relaxing at hers, but it felt nice to just chill drink tea, eat good food and really catch up. We don’t get many chances to spend quality one on one time together so it’s always nice when we do.

After a relaxed start on Friday morning my sister and I had a wander around Edinburgh almost freezing ourselves to death it was so icy. It was lovely all the same though because the sun was out. Once we got to the Christmas market we treated ourselves to some delicious mulled wine to warm us up. It was yummy, and I decided to keep the cute mugs too so I could bring one back for Jessica. When we could no longer bare the cold, we popped into Costa as my train wasn’t leaving for another hour. At 5pm after a short but sweet stay I was on my way home again, half asleep on my train journey listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

On Saturday I had work which wasn’t very exciting, but the evenign made up for it. Some of y friends were hosting a little Christmasy get together and I joined them after work for a couple of hours which was lovely. We enjoyed some drinks, played daft games and chatted away. It was such a lovely evening with a great bunch of people.

Today was a rather boring day at work because it was kinda quiet, but it meant I could get some more admin type of work done for the new year. Now I am home and have just enjoyed a yummy bowl of soup whilst writing this blog post. In about an hour I am leaving for a concert. I am part of the Northern Spirit Singers, an a cappella choir in Durham. It is such a fun choir to be a part of and tonight we have our Christmas concert. So I will love you and leave you, because I should really start getting ready for my concert.

I hope you have all had a lovely  week and are doing something fun tonight too, or able to have a relaxing evening to end the week.

Love Carina xo