​Good evening beautiful souls,

Monday was mundane, work, nothing exciting. In the evening however Jessica, Anthony and myself sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Once upon a time which of course turned into more than a couple episodes. Walking into the kitchen afterwards I wanted to shield my eyes, so.many dishes. Once Anthony had left, I asked Jessica if she still felt awake, which she did, so at 12am we started operation clean-up! By 2am the kitchen and living room were spotless and I felt more at ease knowing some of the housework was done 😊

All I wanted to do on Tuesday was have a lie in, but there was no time for that, well I lie I had a mini lie in. I put a wash on and then made porridge and coffee for myself and Jessica. We had a relaxing breakfast watching crappy morning TV. Then I forced myself to get up and start the day. I hung up my washing, packed my suitcase, and tidied my room. At about 1pm, Anthony came round for lunch and we watched another two episodes of once upon a time before I then set off to the airport.

I’m usually very anxious when traveling but I’d taken a kalms tablet and had my Harry Potter and the philosophers stone audiobook for company, so I surprised myself and coped quite well with the train to the airport and then the flight. I arrived in Belfast in no time at all where my uncle picked me up and took me for a pint, before going home to bed.

Eurghhh. That was literally my first thought on Wednesday morning. I felt ill; absolutely horrid, where had it come from?! I had a long lie in and eventually got up for some porridge and watched morning tv with my aunt, who just having got back from Vegas was not only suffering from jetlag but had also caught a cold. We looked a sorry lot sniffling around snuggled up on the couch.

My uncle was cute and took me out for food on his lunch break which was lovely. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled up reading my book and drinking plenty of tea to keep me hydrated. At some point I could barely keep my eyes open and went to lie down. When I got back up to get ready for surprising my grandpa on his 80th birthday meal, I felt worse then before I’d lain down. I almost wasn’t sure whether I could make the meal, but this was the whole reason I’d flown over, to surprise my grandpa on his 80th, so I could hardly not go. Putting on a brave face, I got ready and enjoyed the meal. My grandparents were both surprised, so I was a good birthday present aha. I had some soup which was perfect for how I was feeling and managed to enjoy the evening with all the family. When we got home my uncle and I warmed up a little mulled wine and gad a chat before heading to bed. It was a lovely evening all in all.

The next day I after a nice long and much needed lie in I was shipped off to stay with my grandparents. I felt so drained of energy I literally spent the next two days just sitting on the couch at my grandparents, drinking copious amounts of tea and finally taking the time to get some reading done. I even got my creative juices flowing on Friday and began writing which was fun.

Saturday I began to feel cooped up and decided to stretch my legs a bit. I went for a coffee in Carrick and read a bit before doing a spot of shopping. It was a nice afternoon getting out of the house for a bit.

I still didn’t feel any better this morning, it’s like is the medicine even doing anything?! Anyway I snuggled up on the couch watching Sunday brunch whilst my grandparents went to church. Then after a light bite to eat my uncle and little cousin picked me up to go ice skating which was great fun. I don’t think getting all hot and sweaty in the cold did me any good, but I didn’t want to disappoint my cousin and I must admit I had fun, I hadn’t been ice skating in over what must be 10 years! Now I’m back home again trying to warm up and ready for an early night.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, and aren’t full of the cold like me!

Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

At the beginning of the week I was away in Alnmouth, a beautiful village on the seafront. It is my dads 50th this November and he’s celebrating early with his brothers, sister, their spouses and his mum who have all flown over from Germany so they can enjoy a weeks holiday together in Alnmouth. I could sadly only visit for three days as I had to work, but I did enjoy three days with my extended family. I took the train up on Monday and on Wednesday we all drove down back to Durham together so the family could see our hometown. Although short it was so lovely in Alnmouth; I am already missing it. Anyway the coastal scenery is just so beautiful there I just had to share some photographs with you.

On Monday we went to Bamburgh a short drive up the coast from Alnmouth, for a lovely walk at the beach, although it was so windy the sand whipped around our legs in a bit of a sandstorm.

The next morning the sun was rising over the beach and I enjoyed my breakfast with a view. The living room window had a lovely window seat looking out onto Alnmouth beach and it was the most peaceful breakfast I have had in a long time – breakfast goals on point!


After breakfast I went for a walk at the beach with my dad which was lovely as the sun continued to shine. The weather was just fab!



Later on in the day we went to the Alnwick Gardens where we had booked to eat lunch in the tree house in which is just so cute and quaint. The food was amazing and we all enjoyed ourselves. I sipped on my favourite Rose Lemonade, had a terrine for starters and pork belly with broccoli and apple mash for mains which was just scrumptious!


After our meal in the tree house I walked to Barter Books in Alnwick. It is one of the cutest bookshops I have ever been to. A large building filled with secondhand books, antiques and first editions. One can really spend half a day here browsing through all the books. If you are ever in Northumberland I totally recommend you take the time to visit this quaint bookshop. There is a little cafe for refreshments and chairs to sit and read in oh and there are some CD’s and DVD’s too, but only a small section. As far as I am aware you can also exchange books, as in if they don’t already have certain books you can trade them.


On Tuesday evening we continued family time and had a lovely night reflecting on the past by looking at old photos which was cute.

Well that sums up my mini getaway in Alnmouth; thanks for reading! Also I’d love to know if you have ever been in Bamburgh, Alnmouth or Alnwick, so please do let me know!

Love Carina xo


Good morning beautiful souls,

This past weekend I was dancing away on a field with views of the sea at the Lindisfarne Festival. It’s only Wednesday today and I’m already feeling those festival blues! I had such a great time and wanted to share my experience of this beautiful little festival with you.

After seeing the forecast predict rain on our arrival, we were so happy it was wrong and we could pitch our tent in dry grass whilst watching a beautiful sunset.

After a relaxed breakfast we joined in on the friday morning yoga session and gave our limbs a good wake-up.

Post yoga it was time to get our festival faces on, gems and glitter at the ready!

We spent the afternoon exploring, listening to various artists, soaking up the sun and sipping on rose lemonade gins (one of my all-time favourite gin drinks). There were some cute stalls and I treated myself to a really beautiful 3 tiered dreamcatcher in coarse multicoloured thread! Best purchase ever!

When we came back for dinner we found someone had annoyingly planted their tent right in front of our entrance making space for their giant gazebo and tents, but completely stealing our outdoor space! We mumbled and grumbled, then once out of our system we cooked some yummy stirfry for dinner and watched another stunning sunset.


We only had two specific acts we wanted to see that night, Bryde and The View. Bryde was amazing! She has a beautiful voice and I loved her song. We said hi afterwards and I bought her two EP’s, I love supporting smaller artists!

Next we wandered over to end the night with The View. The tent was a lot more packed for this gig, but I enjoyed it, although Bryde was definitely my highlight artist all weekend!

On Saturday morning we were awake early and after a healthy breakfast decided to make the most of another gorgeous day and popped over onto holy island for a quick walk before the tide closed.

Once back at the festival we made lunch, popped open a bottle of prosecco, snacked on olives and poppadoms and threw the dice around trying to beat each other at Yatzi, it was a perfect afternoon.

Lunch was followed by more wandering around the festival, listening to some spoken word and stand up comedy, having a sway to country music and again soaking up more of that beautiful sunshine that stayed with us all weekend!

When the sun began it’s decent we decided to eat out that evening and treated ourselves to a yummy burger with fries. Afterwards we bumped into a friend of mine who I used to work with on holy island and we invitedher and her friend back to our tent for some more drinks. Once it was dark we headed back to the arena and had a good dance in a haybale circle that was firing out some beats!

It was the final night so the headliners were The Fratellis and we even got a great place half way through their set, although it did mean getting pushed and kicked about once Chelsea Dagger came on and a mosh pit almost started aha.

After the last gig we stayed warm by the fire for a while before heading to bed at around 12.30 again – aha yes I know we’re old grannies!

Well, that’s a wrap! Lindisfarne festival was amazing! I can’t wait to see what next year’s festival brings!!!

Love Carina xo