Good evening beautiful souls,

I was sitting at my kitchen counter this morning with my coffee in hand and calming Celtic music playing softly in the background as I tried to think of what to write for my next blog post. I hadn’t slept well, my back was killing and I was feeling annoyed at myself because it had been over a week since I’d last uploaded a blog post. Although I have all these ideas floating around in my head I just never seem to manage to create enough time to write them up. Anyway, the Celtic music was soothing and my mind began to wander showing me all the mundane little moments that had brought me joy in the last week and I suddenly realised I had found a topic to blog about and on top of that noticed that my mood had lifted. Hurrays all around!

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we so often get caught up in the stress and overlook or quickly forget the moments of joy we have experienced. This morning it dawned on me just how guilty I was of this. I’d been filled with so much negativity, but my clever brain had realised I was in need of more positive vibes and gave me a little wake up call so to speak by reminding me of all the things I had to be grateful for.

I also decided I would reinstate my coffee catch-up posts into my blog as I thought it would be the perfect way to share what’s been making me happy recently, and also peoples ‘if we were having coffee’ posts are some of my favourite to read so without further ado, I hope you enjoy this format to.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that Jessica and I recently did a spot of spontaneous shopping and finally bought some household items that weren’t super necessary but I’d been wanting for a long time. I’d tell you we got a new house plant (a little Aloe baby that now sits on the bathroom windowsill), a toilet roll stand (instead of the dust gathering box we had before) a smaller lidded bathroom bin and new bathroom mats. You’d probably laugh at how silly a cheesy grin I’d be wearing as I told you how satisfying it felt when I’d proceeded to deep cleaned the bathrooms before adding all the new items and how happy the, although not much altered, new look made me feel.

If we were having coffee we would probably have at least one food related conversation and I’d tell you that on Saturday Jessica and I had enjoyed a delicious meal out for practically free, thanks to our Tesco clubcard points. I’d explain that as we do most of our grocery shopping together we’d decided to use our clubcard points together to treat ourselves to meals out. I’d get my phone out so we could drool over some photos of the food I’d had, but I would end up showing you my outfit and makeup first because I’d been rather pleased with the somewhat bold purple look I’d gone for. Eventually, after probably going off on a makeup tangent and chatting about products we’re currently loving, we’d get back to food and I’d tell you that the vegan menu at ASK had quite a few nice options of which I’d shared the olives & dough balls for starters with Jessica as well as the sorbet for dessert but that we’d had our own mains which for me was a yummy veggie pizza.

Another thing I would definitely tell you is that I was feeling rather nervous but excited at the same time for the Vegan Camp Out Festival that I’d be attending tomorrow because it’s my first time going and I’d be going by myself! You’d reassure me everything would be fine and I’d calm down a little and get all hyped telling you about the bits and bobs I’d been buying to get festival ready and how excited I was to meet so many like minded people, hopefully make some new friends and who knows maybe even find some romance!

Of course we also always natter about new fashion pieces we’ve recently found and so if we were having coffee I’d tell you about the amazing charity shop bargains I’d picked up in town with Jessica. I’d probably have taken photos of them and would once again swipe out my Huawei to show you 1 pair of beautiful green boots, 1 pair of black platform sandals, 1 plain black jumper and 1 amazing jeans skirt! We’d rave about how amazing charity shops can be and that we definitely need to make more of an effort to shop in them especially as we’re recycling clothes rather than supporting fast fashion!

And last but not least I’d be gushing over how well my first little Courgette is growing and how ridiculously excited and happy I am to be growing my own veg!!!

So if we were having coffee this week you’d be able to see just how many mundane things have made me happy and how I’m trying to appreciate the little things in life more!



Good evening beautiful souls,

After much contemplation I decided that I would like to add a more personal touch to my blog. I realised that what I am missing in my new blog is sharing more of how I am feeling and what I get up to on an day to day basis. I would like to create more relatable connections and so I am going to try a new style of post every Sunday evening; I welcome you to my new Dear Diary posts. Grab a cuppa and let’s have a catchup!

Here’s my little life update from this past week!

This week didn’t start on a good note. For whatever reason I got out of the wrong side of the bed on Monday morning and left the house to go to work with a little grey cloud of negativity following me around. I don’t know where it came from but it put me on edge for most of the day and I physically felt the weight of negative energy sitting on my chest. I messaged my mum as I usually do when not feeling great and she invited me along to join her and dad at a wellbeing session at her workplace in the evening. So I put on a smile and tried to be my usual cheery self at work. In the evening my housemates where having a bit of a dinner party next door, but I was still not in the right head space after work to join in on the socialising and so I joined my parents at the chakra wellbeing session and it did me the world of good! The session was based on the fire element andΒ  was very centring and calming. One thing I specifically enjoyed was the chi gong we started with to get our energies flowing. It was the first time I had tried chi gong and I really enjoyed it, I almost felt like I was dancing and it made me realise how happy dancing makes me – I should definitely let loose to music at home more often I think! Anyway, after the session I went for a drink and catch up with my parents and it was just a lovely way to end the day on a much more positive note. The negativity which had surrounded me for most of the day had definitely ebbed away.

Tuesday wasn’t very exciting, I just had work all day at my dads cafe. It was a very quiet day and dragged away slowly; on the plus side I could get a lot of planing done.

On Wednesday I was able to have a little lie in which is always needed, but I still got up early enough to take some more blog photos before heading to work at 12pm for a short shift. I was there to help out incase there was a manic rush because it was the Durham Uni hot chocolate crawl, which Cafedral won last year. We’re not sure of the outcome yet this year but we did get featured on BBC Look North for it! In the evening I had yoga as I do every Wednesday, but I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it very much this week as it was very core based and I have no core strength, so doing lots of planks and the like was not enjoyable! The weather hadn’t been great most of the day but it was seriously miserable after yoga as the heavens opened and lashed down in a real onslaught. Jessica my housemate and myself warmed up some dinner and invited on of our neighbours over for a catchup as she had just got back from a trip to India. It was a lovely although late evening chatting away.

Thursday was another early start as I was opening up the cafe, but otherwise a pretty chilled day. After work I went for a drink with one of my work friends Ryan to celebrate him getting a new job, before heading to choir rehearsal at 7pm. I have been a part of the Norther Spirit Singers now for about a year and I absolutely love it. They are a great bunch of people and the music challenges me and pushes me to improve on my singing every week. Norther Spirit Singers are an acapella choir and we have a very mixed repertoire which makes it great fun. After rehearsals we then always go to the pub for a quick pint and bit of a chat too which it lovely. I do like Thursdays!

Friday was my only full day off this week and it was a productive one. Jessica and I got up early and tidied the house including washing all our windows inside and out. We finally took the last of our halloween decorations down and began putting some Christmas ones up. I was technically breaking my Christmas traditions as usually I wouldn’t put up any decorations before December, but I made and exception because next week I am away in Ireland. So after a busy morning we finally had a break with a scrumptious wrap and then headed to town to see if we could find some more Christmas decorations for the house. We didn’t; however we did snap up some nice black Friday bargains and did a spot of Christmas present shopping! When I got home I cooked dinner for my housemates and neighbours. Roop (our current short term housemate) and Anthony (our current short term neighbour) are sadly leaving soon and so I really wanted to cook them one of my favourite Austrian dishes – Kaiserschmarrn. Jessica jelped me and we had a lovely evening enjoying one of my favourite dishes and chatting away.

On Saturday I was working again, this time for my dad and it was a productive day. The cafe was rather quiet but it meant I could get some promotional work done like organising a little festive art competition amongst other things. After work my good friend Anna had invited me to a gig in Newcastle and so we went to see Gilmore & Roberts, a folk duet who were absolutely fab! I had a very enjoyable evening.

Today after a nice busy day of work at dad’s cafe I have a very lovely evening to look forward too. As I mentioned Roop is leaving soon and so we are having a farewell Christmas meal this evening. Everyone is cooking something and I said I’d bring along the brussle sprouts, so I guess I better stop writing and start cooking! I am going to saute them in butter and add a nice bit of bacon for extra flavour! Cant’t wait for my first Christmas meal of the year!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! And please do let me know if you like this style of blog post, whether I should continue them, or need to shorten them… any feedback would be great!

Love Carina xo