My Health Journey

SW: 102kg – 16st 0.6lbs – 224.87lbs

GW: 60kg – 9st 4.5lbs – 132.3lbs

CW: 89kg – 14st 0.2lbs – 196.2lbs


Hey guys, so a large part of this blog is about my journey to improving my health, not just physically (although primarily) but also mentally. As I have mentioned on my About Me page, I am a self confessed sugar addict and am currently attempting to curb my bad eating habits. I am a firm believer in sugar being the biggest evil when it comes to food and health and my goal is to cut it out; my aim is sticking to 10g of sugar a day, which is practically nothing when you start looking at the ‘of which sugars’ contents in food and drinks! I will be writing plenty on the topic so have a browse for more information on my blog. At the top of this page I will also keep you updated with my current weight, so you can see how cutting the sugar down is working for me.

In addition, for those of you who are interested here is just a little bit about what made me realise that I had to start looking after myself better and what gave me that kick start to pursue a healthy lifestyle, followed by a little more history about me and my weight.

1 – In December (2016), post Christmas, I reached a weight in my life which was above a boundary (100kg/220.5lbs) I said I would never cross, yet there I was at 158cm tall and 102kg/224.9lbs heavy! At my height that put my BMI in the obese category! Not good! I was at risk of diabetes and a range of other health risks. Furthermore, I hated that even walking up short inclines got me out of breath and sweating like a pig in no time; my stamina was practically non-existent!

2 – 2016 was probably the hardest year of my life, especially emotionally. So many relationship/friendship challenges were thrown my way and left their wounds. It was and still is a massive learning curve. I came to realise that I had to start concentrating on doing what is best for me and that it was time to take care of myself. Having graduated in the summer and having no other commitments now, I decided that 2017 is going be my year. It is going to be the year I work on myself, healing those wounds and learning to love myself!

My weight has been an issue all my life! I have never been slim, not as a toddler and not now. It was not for the lack of my parents trying, they made sure I ate a healthy balanced diet. However as soon as I had a bit of my pocket money I started to use it to buy sweets. And the older I got the more I would buy and I would stuff my face with chocolate and crisps in secret, not letting my parents see. Sloth and Gluttony, the two deadly sins I became exceedingly familiar with the older I became!

Of course I have tried various diets and slimming programs, but in the end I’d always find ways around them (eg. when I was doing Weight Watchers I’d save my points to eat chocolate rather than healthy food) or give up completely after max of a couple of weeks trying. Yes, sometimes I lost a little, but it all went back on plus more!

People often talk about reaching their “turning point” when it just hits them that they can’t go on like this. It has taken a long time for me to reach my “turning point”. I mean there has been plenty of times when my brain has told me you can’t go on like this and there have been moments which felt like they were a “turning point”; however as I still hadn’t mustered enough motivation and discipline to stick to something long term, they clearly weren’t.

Now though I believe I have finally found my “turning point”. It was an accumulation of two things:

1 – As I mentioned already, was discovering I had crossed the 100kg/ 220.5lbs boundary that I had told myself I would never ever cross.

2 – My latest shopping experience. I went sales shopping after Christmas and got the biggest shock when I tried on a size 20 coat and it didn’t fit! Realising I needed size 22 clothes was deeply depressing!

I mean look at the photographic evidence – on the far left a photo from me at my A-level leavers ball (2012) and next to it me in Florence this past summer (2016). The following photo is of me in France (2012) and on the far right me in Edinburgh this past Christmas (2016). You can see the weight gain across my whole body; my face has rounded out as well as my stomach, and my arms and chest have grown too. In four years of uni between 2012 and 2016 I have gained 3-4 dress sizes and I don’t even know how may kg/lbs!.


So, if this isn’t a of series of motivational pictures I don’t know what is. The experiences of 2016 gave way to a lot of thinking which led to my wanting to change my life around for good. It isn’t about going on a diet, but about becoming a healthier person overall, improving the well-being of my mind, body and soul.

To finish I just want to touch upon the fact that this is a “re-attempt” of blogging my health journey (although this time it is only a section in my blog). About one and a half years ago I was in a similar position and mind-frame as I am in now; I had reached around 98kg/216.1lbs and decided it was high time to do something; so in November 2014 I went and started a blog to hold myself accountable. I had discovered a lot about sugar and learned that cutting it out of your diet was beneficial in more ways than just loosing weight. So my blog was a journey about trying to cut out sugar from my life and I aimed to keep my sugar intake to 10g a day.Within a month I lost about 12lbs/ca.6kg, I was ecstatic, but from there on my motivation yo-yoed and so did my weight. In August 2015 I managed to get my weight down to 88.4kg/194.8lbs, but from there on it just slowly crept up on me again leading me to where I am now. So I admit I feel ashamed and embarrassed for having failed again and again; but if I have learnt anything in my years of trying to loose weight and become healthier it is to never give up and keep trying regardless of how many failures I encounter! So here I go again; I really do feel like I have reached my “turning point” this time round and with that I hope you enjoy following my health journey (as well as other lifestyle bits and bobs of course) and that I may inspire and motivate you too if you are in a similar position!

Lots of Love Carina xo