Good evening beautiful souls,

I finally had the chance to look around some shops the other day and allowed myself to pick up some treats with my Christmas money. The best thing was I managed to get one or two things which I’d been eyeing up for a while but that were now on sale; one being a ring from Accessorize and the other a backpack from New Look. The best thing was that New Look had another 20% off sales items too so I got some really good bargains!

Here’s what I got:

New Look Backpack £7.20

New Look Jumpsuit £8

Accessorize sunglasses £4.20

Accessorize Ring £5.70


New Look Boots £11.20

New Look Bralette £3.20

Hope you all managed to grab yourself some sales bargains too!

Love Carina xo

21 thoughts on “SALES HAUL

  1. Ohhh I’m dying to go shopping for myself, haven’t been since way before Christmas. I’m in love with the new look backpack and bra let 😍😍 x x

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    1. Thank you I’m in love with them too, however now that I’ve had them for a while, I wouldn’t recommend them because they are not very comfy in hte loong run, I’ve worn them to work a couple of times and at the end of the day my feet are in agony 😦 So they’re only really good for short events like going for a meal or movie, not full day wear! xo

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